FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

After the installation of the new PSU the system does not start.

  • Check the power cord and the power supply of the wall socket and/or multiple socket strip. Also check whether the multiple socket strip can supply the necessary power.
  • Check all connections within the PC; maybe not all cables are correctly connected.
  • Check the internal cable of the I/O-switch of the PC case to the mainboard.
  • Check all PCI-cards for correct installtion
  • Check the components for possible short-circuits or defects.

Please also check the other components for compatibility. Often mainboard chipsets are not compatible with all memory and/or graphics card solutions. Contact the manufacturer of the component to get more information.

Mainboards display incorrect voltage in BIOS

  • When you check the voltage of the power supply in the BIOS of the mainboard, it is possible that these are displayed incorrectly.

With a multimeter (voltage measurement device), the voltage can be determined directly from the power supply cable. This provides more precise measurement.

The system doesn´t start or is instable after a new graphic card was installed

  • Check the PCI-Express Connector if they are connected correctly
  • The new graphic card needs more power than the current PSU can support. Change your PSU to a stronger one of the COUGAR®-Series or change your graphic card to a more economic model.

The PSU is causing a short circuit

  • the system is overloaded (continuous working 24/h, adding new hardware components)
  • the floppy disk drive was connected incorrectly to the PSU, check the connection
  • the system becomes too warm/hot. Additional case fans could solve this problem, also cleaning the system from dust could help

The PSU is too noisy

  • because of high temperatures inside the case, the PSU becomes too warm and the PSU fan has to increase the working speed. Please reduce the temperatur (e.g more case fans)
  • take care that the CPU-fan doesn´t blow the warm air directly into the PSU, this also could cause high temperatures inside the PSU.

The PSU is working on 100% or more. Take care that the PSU is not overloaded for a long time. The best efficiency for a PSU is about 50%